Saturday, 20 July 2013

Lovegrove Nudes

Earlier this month i had the please of modelling for Damien Lovegrove's first ever 'Lovegrove Nudes' workshops and it was wonderful, the location was a stunning seventeenth century mansion called Pipewell Hall and all pf the delegates on the workshop were extremely lovely.

My hair and make-up artist was Claudia Lucia, and all i can say is that this wonderful lady does more than hair and make-up, she was making sure i was comfortable, fed,watered and made lovely company between sets and the evening before the shoot, as we both stayed in Pipewell hall the night before.

The workshop was one of the easiest and most entertaining i've modelled for, Damien is such a great teacher and ensures everyone has a great day as well as capturing some gorgeous images.

The following images were taken by Damien:

These images were taken by one of the delegates, Konrad who was kind enough to send through some images - and after seeing his results i'm very pleased! these are gorgeous!!:

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Wednesday, 3 July 2013

A wedding dress, and a horse

What started with the most glorious day in Cambridge a few weeks ago lead to one of the most exciting shoots!  The sun was scorching, so MattB and i decided to pop out into the forest and shoot in the shade, we thought of combing a lot of my modelling outfits into a lovely light set, and a moodier set, which I think look great with my hair all tangled with the twigs.

After, i noticed that the stables we were shooting at had a gorgeous bay horse, and after a quick convo with the owner i was sliding into a wedding dress and getting a leg up on the horse! I had horses when i was younger, so know how to ride but it made me miss it all so much more than i already did- to the point of whacking out a load of horse based castings.

Anyway, after i calmed down from the excitement of riding a horse bareback in a wedding dress, we went on into the studio and shot some fun lingerie sets, head shots and fun with some feather fans!




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