Thursday, 28 February 2013


I knew I'd make up for the lack of blogging recently,  as I troll through my back log of images I seem to have already accumulated before it's March!
The following set were shot with Photographer no 37, who I like to shoot with a lot - and we don't half get up to some creative stuff.

I would like to quickly mention that i seem to recall a promise of home made cakes, that never appeared on the last shoot ;) I haven't forgotten!!

These head shots were shot within the last 10 minutes we had left at the end of our day, we used natural light, and one of my black skirts as a hat and general prop.  I must admit that I have since eaten my words after skeptically looking at Gavin once he mentioned the idea...

Hope you like! & don't forget you can click on them to make them bigger!

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Wednesday, 27 February 2013


A few weeks ago a group of photographers hired out a beautiful mansion in Wales, which had stunning rooms and even a pool.  so of course, i wanted to try out my first underwater shoot and Paul Webster took the following images:

We suspected the chemical levels weren't quite right, as after only 10 minutes underwater our eyes were stinging.  Since the weekend away a few models have come forward with skin problems they're suffering from :( 

I would still like to do more underwater shoots, but ext time i am going to be a lot more careful!

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Monday, 18 February 2013

It's my favourite guy again

Good afternoon fellow blog watchers,

I have some lovely images shot by The Photographer 37, be sure to pop over and check out his website because for ages now I have been pestering him for somewhere to link our images to.

I don't really know how else to describe my shoots with this totally awesome guy, than to say they're a bit random and scatterbrained.  I turn up, we have a coffee and talk for about an hour...spend 10 minutes shooting then talk about our fabulous progress over another coffee and this goes on for either a half or full day.  

The following shots were taken in a half day, which really was only an hour spent shooting!  In which case, i think you'll find i'm pretty proud with the results:

Don't forget to check out the dates left for discounted rates - there isn't many left!

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Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Blustery wind in Scotland...

...but it didn't matter because I was all cosy at Pavillion Studio :)

After discussing a Model Day at Barrie Spence's studio, we ended up selling out pretty quickly and so we added an extra day, though this did mean Barrie and his delightful wife had to put up with me for a few nights.  The studio days really were amazing, all the photographers were friendly, considerate and very keen which is so nice.  
It's also great when you fight the icy winds to get to the studio door, and as soon as you're in you're cuddled by the central heating - yes- a warm studio! There really is nothing more exiting than walking into a warm studio when you know you're spending the next day there.  It's the small things...

Anyway, onto the nipples.  Most of the following pictures, courtesy of Barrie, were taken only to test the lights, so this means literally a snap or two:

Don't forget to check out the discounted rate dates!

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