Monday, 19 August 2013

We love to shoot in Kent

Good day!

The past few weeks of my life have mostly been spent in Kent, what with my delightful tour, and then the recent weekend shooting at Oxon Hoath shootign with a bunch of lovely photographers organised by Martyn Davis.

During my Kent tour i was very pleased to have the opportunity to shoot with David Burke, our location was a small house previously owned by an old lady - and with all the furniture stripped it made an impressive set up for us, hope you like the images.

These few were taken by Marytn in some spare time after shooting this weekend, i absolutely love them!! Martyn is the lucky sod who owns Eye for an Image studios and gets to hang out with us fabulous models for studio days, as it happens i will be over in the studio on the 1st September.  There is one slot left in the morning, and 3-6pm is a group shoot with some slots left (but i can't guarantee that so follow the link to Martyn's name and email him! if you want a space!)

Enjoy our creativity :)

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Friday, 9 August 2013

Stepping down from my tiptoes

I have been wondering when exactly i should share the news, and i think leaving it until now was the best way.  After September i will no longer be modelling, apart from very rare weekends but that isn't a definite just yet, i have thought about moving forward and starting a new chapter in my life..

Throughout September i will be pimping out pretty much all of the dates i have left, and i am also open to doing a lot of travelling with the hope that i will be able to get more work your area (ie, a mini tour).
The good news is that i have been unsure about booking a  lot of modelling in September as i didn't have a clear idea on my future plans, whereas now i know it means i can offer a lot of dates throughout September - but PLEASE check where i am located before emailing.

I will be not offering part paid/ part TF, discounted rates or any form of TFP.
My rates are as follows:

£40ph, £110 3 hours, £150 4 hours £200 6 hours, £250 8 hours

29th/30th August - I will be travelling down to Winchester so any bookings along the way (from Retford)
2nd/3rd September - Winchester, bookings within a 40/50 mile radius
9th-13th September - Winchester/Basingstoke and areas within 40/50 miles
16th September - Winchester
17th-18th September - Oxford
19th-22nd September - Nottinghamshire/Peterborough/Derbyshire/Lincolnshire & 40 mile radius

If you would like to enquire about any early October dates and/or weekends in the future please email

Please ensure that emails provide the following:
-Links to your online portfolios, or websites and references

& just because i've given you a bit of bad are some yummy head shots by Dan Thomas Photography which are being used for the British Hair Awards:

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Wednesday, 7 August 2013


Digital has bought a whole new method to communication, if it’s not
electronic it can’t talk, yet the one thing that communicates with us all
the time are our bodies. If our bodies are not digital how do we listen to

Photographer no 37 and I took this literally and asked the question,
How do we communicate with our bodies how do we hear them and what are
they telling us?
Hope you like the images, i think they're super creative. 

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