Friday, 31 August 2012

A little bit erotic

Kemp and I have been working together quite a bit now and I think it’s probably best to say we do a lot of risqué experimental stuff, unfortunately, due to his full time line of work I can’t directly link his name to his profile.

I’ll get a text with his latest ideas and at sometimes I will wonder about how on earth he possibly comes up with this stuff (blog two to follow), and more often than not I think this would be something that would add that extra spice to my own portfolio (this blog)
I would really appreciate feedback from these images, so please let me know your thoughts and favourites.

Over and out

Thursday, 30 August 2012

Pampered Saturday morning

A few weeks ago I had a shoot with Gary Price, which usually means one thing – being pampered for a couple of hours in Arman’s salon by his Armanettes.  If there is one thing I love it is being totally restyled, as I don’t often wear a lot of make- up and it’s sometimes nice to have a rock chick look. I might add it’s also better when I don’t have to do it myself too, because I’ll look more like a beaten boxer than rock chick!

Gary and I have had three shoots together now, and I love working with him; from his great ideas, to his funny ‘shoot-mode’ comments down to his editing.  He’s such a great guy, and very talented photographer.
Anyway we had an hour on our own where the theme baddass, the room was pretty much dilapidated and it had a great eerie feel to it, you honestly wouldn’t believe it was just an unused lonely room and by god did it have some action that day!  Later on my very good friend, and exception model, James Rutherford joined us for some couple shots.
James is a really lovely, down to earth guy.  We have a great working relationship and I almost want to mention all the little names we fondly give each other but they’re less work safe than most of my images! I definitely recommend him for any shoot you have in mind, he keeps himself pretty trim too (I’m sure you can tell after a quick perv on the beaut images below):

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Monday, 27 August 2012

First shoot with Raphy

This is probably one of a few blogs to show off the images Britalicus, Raphella and I created at the end of last week.  I stayed to shoot with Britalicus for a couple of days and had the most amazing time! I was welcomed into his home and quite literally waited on hand and foot, his wife is absolutely wonderful to speak with and her cooking is a serious taste sensation!! I’m quite likely to hop on the train just for dinner at some point.

Anyway, whilst I was there we did create some wonderful images thanks to Nicks fabulous ideas, Raphaella came and joined us for a day on the Friday and the time literally leapt out of our hands. It was so wonderful to get to work with Raph she was a very lovely and talented lady! I most certainly hope our paths cross again and I am given the opportunity to create some more magic.
Here is the first batch :

I am extremely proud of these images and will keep you attentive readers well up to date with any more I get J
Over and out

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Evening boobs

Just had these wonderful images come through from Jakub and had to blog them!

We did a location shoot at the weekend and anybody who knows Sutton Scarsdale would know it’s very difficult to pop out a quick bit of boob. Well, we managed to do some sneaky nudes -granted somebody caught us in the act and called the cavalry, but I was covered up by then and smiling like butter wouldn’t melt so no harm become of it! Images from that shoot to follow soon J
Firstly though, enjoy these little babies from earlier in the year.

Over and out

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Lots of tea, and lots of laughs

A week or so ago I had a shoot with Doodyone, which I was very much looking forward to and i wasn't disappointed.  The shoot was totally relaxed and despite Peter having had a hectic weekend we still got through some pretty amazing sets!

Doodyone has lots of wonderful ideas, and a great eye for detail.  The shoot itself was such a  laugh, plenty of tea breaks to refresh our minds for the next set, and I was very excited when I saw the images we captured on the back of the camera.  Hopefully, you guys will like them too!
I definitely recommend Doodyone to anybody, he’s a total gentleman, a great sense of humour and I will be looking forward to crossing paths with him again.
Here is a bundle of images I love:

Of course, some behind the scenes:

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