Monday, 28 November 2011

Windy nudes

Driving to Beverley with the sun so strong it’s cooking me in the car, my prescription sunglasses on, and whilst I’m bobbing my head to Eminem I look around and think it’s going to be a warm training session. As I pull up and get out of my car a gush of icy wind nearly blows me into the parked car next to me (which I think was John’s so I didn’t panic too much) All of a sudden I’m freezing cold, fully clothed, and think ‘oh shit’.
Despite the devil inside telling me to get back in my car and pull off, I fight through the wind and make it into the studio. Seeing John after his holidays was wonderful, and even better after I found out he bought me the most beautiful present from Turkey:

 The morning treats didn’t stop there as he whips out not one, but TWO furry hot water bottles!  Unfortunately, I wasn’t aware of this behind the scenes so it’s actually normal *sulks*

The training session was still brilliant, despite the gushing winds. There were times in the barn where the heaters were strategically placed around me so that I didn’t freeze my bits off completely, although it will take me another day to forgive John about the last session (in the fields fighting for my life, sort of)

What made up for it all was that I must have been offered a coat more than 20 times, and refills for my teddy hot water bottles were on hand before they’d gone luke warm! I met some lovely people and I can’t wait to have a peak at what they captured throughout the day. I am also pretty proud of the images John and I managed to get:

A few outtakes because my blog wouldn’t be the same without them:

Over and out

Thursday, 17 November 2011

Wonderful Training Weekend @ Dentons

After spending all weekend with the wonderful Denton’s at one of their training days, I can safely say I have officially stopped pestering all the photographers for images, and I can start to put a HUGE blog together with what I think are the best bits!

First of all I have a lovely image that John and I captured out in a (VERY MUDDY) field with nothing but a thick handful of fog, a lovely white skirt, oh and my shoes – which I might add are ruined all in the name of art:

Now for some lazy Sunday images. Well, John set the scene more like this ‘okay jump on that and act like you’ve woken up in some guy’s bed Sunday morning’:

A few more, plus one of my ass:

A few images to show the high quality of photos produced at Denton's training sessions- i think anyone who attends can safely say what a fantastic teacher he is! Here are some from a couple of photographers who attended this weekend.

These pretty few were captured by the wonderful and absolutely hilarious Jo Rutherford and James De La Cloche. To all models local, or even miles away from these two – book them, they’re full of ideas, funny and can work to their best abilities even when John Denton wrongfully took them under his wing the night before ;)

Finally, I think it would be wrong not to add some behind the scenes images captured by John, myself, Nigel and Jo:

Over and out

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Nude! In November!?

Last Friday I had an outdoor shoot with the very friendly and very reliable Steve Plant.

Steve suggested a brilliant run down house in some woods near Derby.
 It was fabulous, branches coming through the windows, ivy crawling up the walls. Literally crying out for a model! We spent over half of our shoot with me sprawling over all the possible angles before we did some shots in the woods themselves.

I have shot with Steve a few times this year and the weather is usually cold, but nothing too extreme- last Friday it wasn’t too bad at all, either that or I was so excited about this building that the adrenaline kept me warm!

I have to hand it to him, Steve offers more warm-up sessions than I’d need in the Antarctic! He is very caring about his models and I do feel privileged to be booked again and again whenever I am near by. His CD turnaround is also excellent as I am pretty impatient when it comes to looking at my naked behind! Thanks again!

Here are only a few shots from last Friday:

This was the winning shot of the day:

Over and out.