Friday, 11 November 2011

the dreaded first blog

It all started like this;
As the heater blew hot air at my pathetically cold body, my stomach moaning about the fact there are two hours left till lunch- even though I have already devoured the contents of the fridge.  Then, the actuality of my favourite pen running out of ink, I decided it was a good time to start blogging.
Having already scored high on the fascinating parts of this morning, it’s probably best to back track a few days.
After spending the weekend in Oslo (blog to come with images) I came back to the UK with a small bundle of photos arriving in my inbox from Kevin, whom I have shot with twice this year and had a really wonderful time on each shoot!
Having said that, I must admit that not only did I accumulate at least 4 HUGE bites at the first location, I also had a very severe near death experience. After our shoot was jeopardised by some, lets say interesting characters, (it appeared we had stumbled upon their nesting home) I was escorted to the car and had to wait for Kevin and his friend to pack up the equipment. After waiting in the dark with the distant sound of a wolf (dog) howling (barking), the car alarm suddenly went off- unable to escape the wrath of steel that surrounded me I cradled my head between my legs and tried not to believe Kevin and his friend had been abducted by said characters.
After what seemed like 5 hours later, I heard distant laughing.  As it turned out Kevin had been completely oblivious to my trauma so I tried to regain composure, and pretend the last 20 minutes were not in fact living hell.
I’m pretty sure I shed at least a stone from cold sweat – this was the result:

Here are a few more from working with Kevin:

Over and out,

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