Friday, 26 October 2012

Some soft and sensual

Here we have some digital work Jules and I worked on the other day, we did some lovely soft and sensual styles using the gorgeous hotel room, and then we nipped over to Jules’s home studio for some funky lighting which is where I had slipped in some shapes and a very honest portrait.

Hope you enoy:

Over and out

Thursday, 25 October 2012

Ben Ernst

Unfortunately, this is the last batch from my fabulous day shooting with Ben, who has recently joined purpleport so throw some traffic and pretty comments his way, but do not fear, as i have a lot of images to post in this blog, starting with the last of Simon the Squid:

Plus some headshots:


Funky mask shiz:

Awesome light bulb lighting -the last one is where i accidentally bashed it into my boob and broke the light :( 

& finally more body swizzels:


Over and out

Wednesday, 24 October 2012


Yesterday Jules (website found here) and I had a good half a day shooting. and we spent the first half in a gorgeous hotel room collecting some fabulous polaroid pictures.  Even though he wouldn't give me the beautiful tan poloroid camera bag i would have just loved for the outfit I was wearing, he did feed me with quite possibly the best thing i have tasted since the cheese in Holland, called Baklava.  You can pick up these tasty pastry treats only if you book with the extremely hospitable, and very talented Jules ;)

Here are the bunch of polaroids that we shot: (they even beat me home!)

Over and out