Tuesday, 9 October 2012

A day in a Beautiful Castle

I honestly don’t know where to start, what a fantastically magical day! The mansion is out of this word and each room screams a million ideas. However , the schedule worked so that each pair had one room for only an hour until the switch so we had to think quickly and get as many shots in the room as humanely possible.  It all may seem quite hectic but Glyn and I still managed a few cups of tea, spot of shopping, pizza delivery, glass of wine and a natter plus a quick duo shoot with the lovely John and Gizzy.

These images are only part one of the two part blog because I’m far too impatient to wait for the others as I eagerly crawl my fingers over the keyboard to fill up as much space as sufficiently possible until I can just post the pictures and share them with you!
That should do, enjoy:

Over and out

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  1. Now this is awesome - http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-V1ZCx7vtvDc/UHQXgj4liYI/AAAAAAAACEg/UHJIrnc2bp8/s1600/_DSC8133bw.jpg