Friday, 17 January 2014

Rose-Images @ Saracen House


I am SO excited to share these shots with you, which have been barely touched thanks to the fabulous lighting set up helped by Andrew at Saracen House. I do absolutely love shooting at Saracen because i know that tea will be on tap, as well as hilarious banter, warmth and a string of reliable, professional photographers on the studio day.  Saracen House is easily one of my favourite studios to work at, even if it's two hours away - it's worth it!

These were shot at the start of a studio day with Rose-Images (Steve)and what an excellent start to the day! My hair and Make-up was done by the lovely Samantha Kibbler who was available on last minute and popped my hair into rollers before airbrushing the gorgeous make up creation! Samantha is friendly, professional and down right good fun! I would highly recommend her as a hair and make-up artist without a question of a doubt.

Last but certainly not least, Steve.  I had the most enjoyable 4 hours shooting with Steve, it was very relaxed and genuinely did not feel like work at all.  Steve has brilliant communications both before the shoot, letting me know what he is planning to shoot so that i have time to prepare, and afterwards - even sending through the pictures to choose my favourites.  seriously capable photographer with the plus of being a really fun guy to be around - definitely recommended to shoot with and update your portfolio with some seriously stunning shots!

Hope you like:

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Friday, 10 January 2014

Mr King and Ms Amabel

Ooooh, it must be around 2 months ago now i had the absolute pleasure of working with Terry King and Amabel in Colchester and i can't believe i have not posted some of the pictures!

We went through a series of different styles, and i bloody love them all, even if i did get splinters posing on the wooden floor, all in the name of art i hear you saying.
I have shot with Terry twice before, and both times have been a lot of fun, with the never ending line of snacks for me to nibble on during shooting time.  I have stayed at Terry's house the night before shoots, and even one after so that it was easier for me to continue my tour with out forking out for costly hotels. Terry is hospitable, preparing a really tasty homemade dinner, beverages to suit all needs and a lovely fresh clean bed with the best duvet i have slept on!! i mean to be honest, it's worth working with him just to stay at his ;)

Amabel was a dream to work with, bursting with ideas and the flexibility and expertise to pull out all the stops for the best shots! I really enjoyed working with her, and she is such  lovely bubbly person who i would count on the fact everyone she meets would love her and book her over and over.  Very versatile model with a wonderful attitude!

Better go, got to get ready for a studio day at Saracen House, woohoo - hope you like the shots :)

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