Saturday, 29 September 2012

Slithery snakes

I have been a very lucky girl all thanks to Eye for an Image Studio for setting me up with some slithery friends.  Martyn and Stuart managed to organise two striking snakes (courtesy of John) for a studio day, which sold out in within hour. I will also add that we will be running a day and a half in December time so make sure you book a slot as soon as you see the notice!

Making an allowance for it being my first time modelling with an animal I was very pleased to find how quickly I got the hang of it, it’s difficult to keep the snakes in a photographic position and a lot of the time they would wrap themselves around me and the photographer would have to be quick to get the snap before they moved.  Luckily, despite the fact the little devils wouldn’t pose for me, I have seen some remarkable images from photographers and today I would like to share Tony Brown’s.

I warmed to Tony instantaneously as he cruised into the studio with his biker leathers on, equipped with his helmet tucked under his arm looking like a seriously cool tough dude, so when I mentioned if he would like to be introduced to the snakes I giggled as he took a step back from the boxes, double checked his escape route was clear and made it quite apparent there would be no snakes within a two metre radius! I am very pleased to announce by the end of the shoot he did actually have a photo taken with the boa, and despite his nervous grin he can cross it off his to do list.

Without further ado here are the images shot by Tony:


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Thursday, 27 September 2012

Lovely Ladies

Lovely Ladies

Over the weekend I had the pleasure of working with two very talented ladies, Julia and Gaya who came to the studio with plenty of great ideas to try out.  I have been lucky enough for Julia to send over her favourites from the shoot, and I think they’re really great crops with careful attention to detail. There are actually plenty more but I have picked out my favourites from the whole batch, which wasn’t easy! If you’re ever in Oxford or neighbouring areas I most positively recommend getting in touch either/both of them as it was a very enjoyable shoot.

Hope you like;


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Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Can't get enough

I am pleased to announce I have even more images to share with you from my recent trip up to Edinburgh to shoot with the very gifted Britalicus and Raphaella. I have to admit I always get excited when emails come through with attachments because I know for a fact they’re going to be splendid!


Oh, I also found these little tigers in the archives shot with the lovely Mick:


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Foiled you!

Rob Carter and I had a very fruitful few hours the other week in Liverpool.  We had discussed the shoot and all the different things we thought would look good using all the different props and backgrounds available.  When Rob mentioned using foil and one light for a shoot, I did wonder what on earth the outcome would be like, I do like to think of myself as a creative but I didn’t expect these to look as good as they did, I love the shapes fashioned from the foil! You can let me know what you think:


Another idea Rob wanted to try out was more of a fun shoot, where we used all fluffy/inflatable/edible props around and quite literally let me get on with playing with them, these I absolutely love and I think they’re so much fun:

Stay tuned for more images from the pair of us!


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Monday, 17 September 2012

Monday bits and bobs

I thought it was about time I did a few updates from past shoots, so this blog is a bit of a mix up of nudes, awesome lights, couple shots and behnd the scenes.

Firstly, I had a shoot with Mark Bigelow at Eye for an Image for one for my studio days, and it was great fun we had a play with some extremely cool lighting and got a jolly load of behind the scenes in the process (see end) Mark is very talented and i have very much enjoyed getting all our results through for me to share with you, hopefully i'll be postng some more work wth Mark soon!


My second update is for a shoot I had with Gilchrist Photo and Marcus.  I came along to this shoot not entirely sure with what we’d be shooting but as soon as I arrived I was able to flick through all the ideas Ian had, and they were brilliant. The home studio was great, and well equipped for the nudes, fitness and couple shots, his wife is equally excellent snapping away for my ever famous behind the scenes.  We had a lot of sets to get through and these were easily my favourites: 

My third update is from one of my favourites, Britalicus.  I love working with Britalicus and can’t wait for the next little line up we have, even more so because I always get an email with some mages drip fed to me when  least expect it, these are the latest:

Last but not least the behind the scenes:

Over and out.