Monday, 17 September 2012

Monday bits and bobs

I thought it was about time I did a few updates from past shoots, so this blog is a bit of a mix up of nudes, awesome lights, couple shots and behnd the scenes.

Firstly, I had a shoot with Mark Bigelow at Eye for an Image for one for my studio days, and it was great fun we had a play with some extremely cool lighting and got a jolly load of behind the scenes in the process (see end) Mark is very talented and i have very much enjoyed getting all our results through for me to share with you, hopefully i'll be postng some more work wth Mark soon!


My second update is for a shoot I had with Gilchrist Photo and Marcus.  I came along to this shoot not entirely sure with what we’d be shooting but as soon as I arrived I was able to flick through all the ideas Ian had, and they were brilliant. The home studio was great, and well equipped for the nudes, fitness and couple shots, his wife is equally excellent snapping away for my ever famous behind the scenes.  We had a lot of sets to get through and these were easily my favourites: 

My third update is from one of my favourites, Britalicus.  I love working with Britalicus and can’t wait for the next little line up we have, even more so because I always get an email with some mages drip fed to me when  least expect it, these are the latest:

Last but not least the behind the scenes:

Over and out.

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