Monday, 30 September 2013

The Gentleman with over 30 cameras!

A couple of weeks ago I had my second shoot with John Duder in his house, and it was as much fun as the first time!  I really enjoy working with John because he has a great understand of art nude and loves to get creative - he does also let me get on with my own thing, which always brings some interesting images. I knew he has a handful of cameras because working with him in studios there were always a couple hanging from his neck - and then some more in a  bag so i decided to ask how many he actually has in total.. his reply "Well, I have over 30 but i'm not entirely sure".  
John uses a lot of film - and even though i haven't inserted any of those images in this blog, there will be some further down the line when they've come out of dark room. It's always fun when he decides to use a pre/post war camera and I am pretty excited to see the results.

Here are some images we did on digital, hope you like :)


Over & out

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Fabulous locations!

Well, a few weeks ago i had a wonderful shoot at Michael Lait's crib! With an abundance of coffee and giggles we didn't half get through some pretty amazing sets in the various locations around the house - unfortunately i couldn't quite convince him for a 'champagne and hot tub' style shoot...the fact it was raining didn't put me off!!
Michael and I met on a Damien Lovegrove workshop and i was thrilled when he sent an email regarding a shoot.  It was the first time he had planned to shoot in his house so i was trying extra hard to switch my creative brain into high gear, but that wasn't really necessary because Michael's ideas were pretty darn good and i was really thrilled with the results - hope you lot enjoy too :)

Here are some shots from various places around the UK, most by Chris Lloyd in Kent and Eye for an image studios. A couple of head shots from Rhys Hayward from Bristol which were taken during a wonderful filming session - i will post a link to that once it's all sorted, seen the preview and it looks amazing!
Finally, a very cool shot taken at Mancave Studio - which was a lot of fun to shoot.

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Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Well, what have i been up to?

Good day!

I've been here, there and everywhere! I have managed to gather a bunch of images to show you along my travels to keep you interested.

Firstly, i had a wonderful shoot with Bokehlicious in the Elkesley forest where we wandered around with a giant axe (yeah, leaning that on my shoulder was fun - not!).  Afterwards, we went to a travel lodge - yes travel lodge - and took these stunning images.  I was so impressed with the results having known how difficult it is to get a decent shots in a budget hotel! Bokehlicious really knows his stuff!

The day before, I was out in the same forest shooting with Howard, Ariel Photographs, where we went through a whole different set of styles.  First we tried out some very beautiful natural shots in and around the wilderness, then Howard brought out a huge bow and arrow and i had some fun posing around that and learning how to hold it correctly. After viewing the images, i decided archery is something i definitely want to try out so added it to my never ending bucket list.  Oh, the best part (aside from the beautiful images) is that Howard let me bring my mongrel (but ever so cute) dog along with me! I don't know who was more tuckered out after the three hours - me or him!

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