Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Fabulous locations!

Well, a few weeks ago i had a wonderful shoot at Michael Lait's crib! With an abundance of coffee and giggles we didn't half get through some pretty amazing sets in the various locations around the house - unfortunately i couldn't quite convince him for a 'champagne and hot tub' style shoot...the fact it was raining didn't put me off!!
Michael and I met on a Damien Lovegrove workshop and i was thrilled when he sent an email regarding a shoot.  It was the first time he had planned to shoot in his house so i was trying extra hard to switch my creative brain into high gear, but that wasn't really necessary because Michael's ideas were pretty darn good and i was really thrilled with the results - hope you lot enjoy too :)

Here are some shots from various places around the UK, most by Chris Lloyd in Kent and Eye for an image studios. A couple of head shots from Rhys Hayward from Bristol which were taken during a wonderful filming session - i will post a link to that once it's all sorted, seen the preview and it looks amazing!
Finally, a very cool shot taken at Mancave Studio - which was a lot of fun to shoot.

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