Tuesday, 3 September 2013

An unfortunate change of events, for me..

Good morning/afternoon/evening depending on when you get the chance to read,

I am writing this to inform you that due to pretty drastic events taking place in my personal life i will continue modelling for the foreseeable future, and still be based in Nottinghamshire.

I am looking to get my shoots booked in until i can work out a full time career, this i am hoping to sort before the end of the year so bookings will probably carry on - full time - as normal until November. Of course, as before i will be willing to drive all over the UK for shoots, but my tours won't be as long so if you are at the other end of the country, you will need to contact me well in advance for me to arrange more work around you to split up (or even cover) the travel costs.

I will be welcoming bookings from abroad, most willingly!

Here is my current availability:

9th (free until 1pm) - HAMPSHIRE/BERKSHIRE
12th (free from 1pm) - HAMPSHIRE /BERKSHIRE

All dates now available.

Now, after the sad news for me is over, and hopefully the good news for you (book me!) I will share some shots taken by Terry King

Terry King and i have worked together only twice now but even from the first shoot i knew we'd get along - probably because he came along with so many choices of crisps i nearly wet myself- but also because along with his Jason Statham accent, and great sense of humour he is also so interested and passionate about creating beautiful images. I have another shoot booked with him in a couple of weeks, and i have butterflies i am so excited, a photographer i recommend highly.

& here's why:


Over & out

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  1. Those are some incredible shots, you two do create well together. 10 is just otherworldly! Good luck in the future, hope everything turns out well!