Monday, 19 August 2013

We love to shoot in Kent

Good day!

The past few weeks of my life have mostly been spent in Kent, what with my delightful tour, and then the recent weekend shooting at Oxon Hoath shootign with a bunch of lovely photographers organised by Martyn Davis.

During my Kent tour i was very pleased to have the opportunity to shoot with David Burke, our location was a small house previously owned by an old lady - and with all the furniture stripped it made an impressive set up for us, hope you like the images.

These few were taken by Marytn in some spare time after shooting this weekend, i absolutely love them!! Martyn is the lucky sod who owns Eye for an Image studios and gets to hang out with us fabulous models for studio days, as it happens i will be over in the studio on the 1st September.  There is one slot left in the morning, and 3-6pm is a group shoot with some slots left (but i can't guarantee that so follow the link to Martyn's name and email him! if you want a space!)

Enjoy our creativity :)

Over & Out

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  1. Gorgeous images, really love the last one on the stairs!