Wednesday, 21 December 2011

They say it comes in threes

I had been looking forward to working with Tony since we started to swap ideas; the shoot definitely met all expectations as I walked into a massive room fully kitted out with all kinds of props.  The only problem we had was that time was literally flying, four hours felt like four minutes! I still had a wonderful time and we tried out lots of new things which would benefit my portfolio, also got treated to a delicious lunch so it was a damned good day!

Our shoot was to commence at 10:00am, as I pulled up at The Bell Inn at 09:30 I gave Tony a call to wonder where I needed to park.  Only problem was he was at the Bell Hotel- so I’d managed to drive an EXTRA 20 miles south and muttered about this all the way.
 As I arrived we had some of that magical liquid called coffee, and Tony told me that unfortunately the dance instructor had cancelled.  This was a shame, but it wasn’t the end of the world so we started off experimenting with some light and shapes:

Then, out of the blue we had some “technical issues” (laptop packed in) which really only meant we couldn’t view them on the screen straight away, so it wasn’t a huge problem.
By now we assumed we had been fed all the bad luck, but oh no, after using the smoking machine excessively for about 40 minutes we then started to mess around with some cigarettes. As soon as we lit them up, the fire alarm went off.  Awesome.

Gladly, this was the last crisis and we managed to get some cracking pictures! Here are just a few from yesterday, more to come keep checking my Facebook!

Over and out

Saturday, 17 December 2011

Lazaat Hotel, Cottingham

Thursday was my first taste of snow this year, driving on the motorway I get a message from John warning me to drive carefully- I hadn’t actually reached any bad weather yet so I thought nothing of it and carried on in my blissful ignorance.
Then I hit Beverley: snow on the roads, slow drivers, a burnt out car and brakes that are just crunching. Only then did I take John’s message seriously and started to slow down.
The following image was taken when I was practically crawling along the snow, promise J

Luckily, I had set off in plenty of time anyway and arrived more or less on time, had a coffee before sitting down with the wonderful MUA, and lovely lady, Natalie Greenwell.
When I was all dolled up we went straight into shooting.  Today was a one on one session with John Denton and Julie Fraser.  Julie was a pleasure to work with, she has a fantastic sense of humour and the whole day was incredibly enjoyable.

Big thanks to Lazaat hotel for letting me prance around in my underwear!

Here are a few images John managed to capture between tutoring Julie:

Over and out

Thursday, 15 December 2011

Holland, and a wonderful cheese

Last week I spent a few days over in Holland shooting with the charming Eric Kellerman.  I have to admit I was incredibly nervous because I had seen many images of fabulous models posing inside ‘The Box’ and finally it was my turn.  I ended up having the time of my life! It was by far the most strenuous modelling I had done to date but definitely the most rewarding when I saw a few images on the back of the camera.  I still remember how proud I felt seeing my body in The Box, and fuelled off this as I tried more complex positions.
However, my trip wasn’t just to pose in the box. I was pretty excited to work with Eric in general and we tried out lots of different concepts. After being sent a sample of some work we had done I rushed home to blog it all.
Now, on to the cheese, which I have very seriously had to get out of the bath and run downstairs to get after  thinking about this blog all afternoon. It is by far the most mouth watering cheese I have ever tasted, there is very little left and I’m sure a few tears will be shed when it has finally all gone (which will be tonight as I have brought it upstairs with me)
Anyway, enough chatter and one with some photos:

Over and out

Friday, 9 December 2011

A really lovely group of people

Going back a few weeks to a shoot I did with the talented Aaron Cheeseman, which had been planned down to the very last detail. Aaron knew exactly what he wanted and was a joy to work with, even if he did ask me to cover up a few times!! Claudia (Falcieri Designs) had been planning the outfits with Aaron, and she did a wonderful job- so much so I even took a garment back for myself! 
When I arrived I went straight to have my make-up and hair done by Anna Stephenson.  Anna knew exactly what she was doing, which was just as well because I was completely lost amongst her extensive make-up kit! We all got along famously which made everything so relaxed and the day just flew by before we knew it!
I really enjoyed working with these guys and would absolutely love it if we could all collaborate again and see what else we can create together. I would recommend them all 100%.
Here is a magnificent picture of the team:

From the left: Anna, Me, Aaron, Claudia
Finally, some pictures we managed to capture:

Over and out

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Freezing in Buckinghamshire

Today I was completely clothed, I have absolutely no boobs and bum in this blog page and I’m not even sorry about it. Buckinghamshire was freezing today and I was more than happy to wear coats, boots and be armed with my heavenly hot water bottles.

Spending the day with Lisa was great. It is really refreshing being with a photographer on a training course that have their own locations out and great ideas to try out.  With a couple of outfit changes and many methods of light I think we mastered a lot of different styles to be proud of.
Lisa has a great knack for photography and would recommend her to anyone, especially kids and families who want ‘that special picture’.

I can’t help but think how grateful I am curled up on the sofa, with fish and chips in my belly and a glass of wine in my hand after spending the whole day fearing frostbite and hypothermia.

I think half of my brain is frozen, and the other half is drunk because I am struggling (can’t be arsed) to write anymore.  To conclude, it was a fabulously freezing day and here are a few images from John and I:

Here are some images taken and edited by the wonderful Lisa, who was kind enough to put John and I up for a few nights, or should I say put up with us for a few nights:

Oh, and a few out takes:

Over and out