Saturday, 3 December 2011

An industrial estate in Hatfield

To celebrate my 21st birthday I travelled down to Hertfordshire with John to begin our road trip! We spent today doing art nudes on an industrial estate, which was a great location despite being interrupted by one of the employees- who actually needed to walk past the glass door far more often than I would have thought!

After a morning of posing, I was pleasantly surprised with a fully fledged chocolate cake. Here is a wonderful picture of me blowing out the candles (captured by Tony):

After a wonderful session with some brilliant Creatives John and I had a further 2 hour drive to the next location. Having both worked very hard, and driving on the endless motorway with aching backs and necks, we decided to indulge in the car masseuse- Takeitinturns.

Finally, we arrived at our destination and were welcomed to a warm house and delicious curry made by the brilliant Nedine- I’m still sweating from the chillies..........although the wine is definitely taking off the edge!

It’s been a long day and I’m now going to curl up and watch the rest of the film without being accused of acting antisocial, I’m blooding working John!!

Here are a few images John managed to edit specially for my blog :

Last but not least some out takes from the road:

Laptop Buddies-

John's sweat catcher-

Over and out

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  1. I hope the candles on the cake were not the only heating provided ? ! :-)

    Re., the worker who kept passing the glass door, some people will find any excuse not to do what they should be doing !

    It reminded me of a shoot I did on a farm with a campsite and indoor swimming pool. During school term time the campsite was quiet and we were allowed to use the pool. It was floor to ceiling and wall to wall glazing on one side. Sadly the farm labourers must have all had early onset Alzheimers as they forgot so many things and had to keep walking past the pool to get tools etc., from the shed next door :-)

    Nice work both of you :-) Say 'Hello' to John for me :-)