Thursday, 15 December 2011

Holland, and a wonderful cheese

Last week I spent a few days over in Holland shooting with the charming Eric Kellerman.  I have to admit I was incredibly nervous because I had seen many images of fabulous models posing inside ‘The Box’ and finally it was my turn.  I ended up having the time of my life! It was by far the most strenuous modelling I had done to date but definitely the most rewarding when I saw a few images on the back of the camera.  I still remember how proud I felt seeing my body in The Box, and fuelled off this as I tried more complex positions.
However, my trip wasn’t just to pose in the box. I was pretty excited to work with Eric in general and we tried out lots of different concepts. After being sent a sample of some work we had done I rushed home to blog it all.
Now, on to the cheese, which I have very seriously had to get out of the bath and run downstairs to get after  thinking about this blog all afternoon. It is by far the most mouth watering cheese I have ever tasted, there is very little left and I’m sure a few tears will be shed when it has finally all gone (which will be tonight as I have brought it upstairs with me)
Anyway, enough chatter and one with some photos:

Over and out


  1. I really like the fourth one - you look so powerful!

  2. I like the photos inside the box, especially the composite of 9 that I saw on NM