Wednesday, 21 December 2011

They say it comes in threes

I had been looking forward to working with Tony since we started to swap ideas; the shoot definitely met all expectations as I walked into a massive room fully kitted out with all kinds of props.  The only problem we had was that time was literally flying, four hours felt like four minutes! I still had a wonderful time and we tried out lots of new things which would benefit my portfolio, also got treated to a delicious lunch so it was a damned good day!

Our shoot was to commence at 10:00am, as I pulled up at The Bell Inn at 09:30 I gave Tony a call to wonder where I needed to park.  Only problem was he was at the Bell Hotel- so I’d managed to drive an EXTRA 20 miles south and muttered about this all the way.
 As I arrived we had some of that magical liquid called coffee, and Tony told me that unfortunately the dance instructor had cancelled.  This was a shame, but it wasn’t the end of the world so we started off experimenting with some light and shapes:

Then, out of the blue we had some “technical issues” (laptop packed in) which really only meant we couldn’t view them on the screen straight away, so it wasn’t a huge problem.
By now we assumed we had been fed all the bad luck, but oh no, after using the smoking machine excessively for about 40 minutes we then started to mess around with some cigarettes. As soon as we lit them up, the fire alarm went off.  Awesome.

Gladly, this was the last crisis and we managed to get some cracking pictures! Here are just a few from yesterday, more to come keep checking my Facebook!

Over and out

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