Friday, 27 April 2012


Not only did I get thousands of fabulous images from my time at MijnStudio, with Marc Vreenegoor and William Aponno.  They also caught the talented Ben and I in action and put together not one, but TWO wonderful videos:

Video produced by Mipar Works

Over and out!

A few more from Holland :)

I have been sent some more lovely images by the photographers from Marc Vreenegoor’s Workshops @ Mijn studio, Holland.  Really love all the pictures, and would like to show everybody else how lovely they are J
Male model was the ever professional and extremely pleasant Benjamin Groenewoud.

Firstly, we have a few from the wonderful Ben Ernst:

Secondly, some from the charming Martin:

Thirdly, some from the lovely Patrick:

Oh, and finally we have a couple of funny ones- of course!


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Thursday, 19 April 2012

Workshop in Holland

Only this week I got back from 5 days working with the excellent Marc Vreenegoor and William Aponno at Mijn studio.  For duration of my stay all my needs were tended to and there was plenty of food and drink to camp out in the studio for a year! Other than the fabulous images I have, my favourite part would definitely falling onto the sofa at the end of the day and watching one of a million movies to choose from on the projector!

I met a lot of great photographers on the workshops and will post some of the images I have received below.  Firstly though here are some images by the wonderful guys:

As a surprise for some of the photographers on the course we brought in a male model – something which was also new for me as I’d not worked with a nude male.  Ben was absolutely great to work with, and such a nice person and he was definitely a hit with some of the female photographers as well.  Based in Holland but does travel I highly recommend Ben to anybody!
Here are some of the images created with Ben:

Finally, some images by Veronique, more no doubt to follow from other photographers J

Over and out