Wednesday, 25 June 2014



So, after receiving an FPI on Pupleport I thought I would blog about the other images from my set with Jakub and the fabulous tube! Jakub and I always get together as often as possible and I am always blessed with his fabulous ideas, Jakub is so original from modelling with tubes to the classical art nudes with a  twist- that you can find in other blogs!

I hope you enjoy this tangly lot - and please remember that i am free for a group shoot at Eye for an image on the 4th July & afternoon slots available on the 6th July for a studio day - read more about it here:

Anyway, here are the shots:


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Sunday, 22 June 2014

Studio day & Group shoot coming up

Hello :)

Just a quick note to say that there is still a chance to shoot me at a fully equipped studio with help on hand and plenty of latex to choose from, as well as all the attire i will be bringing along.

The date for the group shoot is 4th July 7-10pm and the Studio day is 6th June with only afternoon slots available.  If you do wish to shoot me the Studio is based in Banbury and you can see more details and contact the studio owner, Martyn on this link.

The group shoot will be a very fun session with lots of changes and an opportunity to get to grips with fun new lighting set ups whilst getting to me!
The studio day is a great opportunity to get to work one on one with me whilst I am in the area.  I am now semi retired from modelling and only shooting rare weekends locally, so it won't be often that a studio day is available and i will only be shooting at select studios.
Eye for an image is a wonderful studio with all the lightng resources you will need, and a huge amount of natural light also.  the sets available range from bricks and grass through to bedroom sets, and plenty of back drops and a freshly painted infinity curve. There are plenty of props available and i have been known to dangle from a pole, swing on a swingy chair, drape myself in latex and much more.  There will be help on hand if you're after a specific shot but unsure as to how to achieve the lighting, and i model a range of genres from fashion through to art erotic.

I will be bringing a range of lingerie, casual clothes, dresses and ball gowns.  There will be plenty of latex at the studio to choose from as mentioned above so i can assure you that if you don't come with set ideas there is plenty of inspiration in the studio!

Here are some studio images i have gathered taken in various studios, and more than a handful from Eye for an Itself:

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Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Frosty Derelict

So, at the end of last year (November i do believe) Mick Farrand and I decided to freeze our toes off in a gorgeous derelict house over in Doncaster.  All the credit for the location goes to Mick, as do all the previous locations we have shot at! Mick and I have been shooting together for a couple of years now and I still stand by my statement that aside from the fact we chat and giggle for most of the shooting time - we actually some of the best location shots in my portfolio!

Here we have a collection of images from the latest shoot, hopefully there are some more stunning places we can violate in the near future :)

Now shooting weekends, get in touch if you're interested in organising a booking -

Oh, and some behind the scenes - or course.

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