Saturday, 13 September 2014

Clothes with Chris


It feels like so long since I last wrote here, I have been so busy moving into my own little place with the dog - then waiting for BT to stop pushing back my internet appointment!! 
So, I am now all settled, with up and running internet so there should now be regular updates from recent shoots and available dates.

I am still free for evenings, locally and weekends shoots elsewhere planned ahead so I can drop the dog in day care- unless you want to incorporate him, he is a fantastic poser:

This was taken on the Isle of Wight, he had a lot of fun swimming in the sea shortly after this....and to my joy i hadn't brought a towel!!

Anyway, so getting back on with the photos - i think the first i received before i had the move were by Chris Lloyd at Eye for an image Studios.  This time though, we focused on a fashion/editorial style as Chris and I don't normally shoot this style - with of course finishing on some infamous Chris Lloyd portraits.

& of course a cheeky test:

Over & Out

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