Friday, 14 December 2012

A frosty mill

Good evening, 

This may well be my last blog for 2012 as i am off on holiday on Monday (yey me). Unless of course, i get some images over the next couple of weeks i am gagging to show you i'm pretty sure i'll find a way!

These beautiful bunch were shot with Kwame in a very cold mill! Luckily, Kwame was kind enough to offer me defrosting breaks so that we could bang out some killer photos, hope you like:

Oh, and have a lovely Christmas and New Year, i will be thinking about you whilst i lie on a beach with a cocktail in my hand :)

Over and out

Thursday, 13 December 2012

Being silly is necessary

These photos were about to be lost into nothingness, but fortunately i have a computer geek who managed to save all my document *applause*  
They are a series of images taken between shots in Mijas with Gregory Brown & Elle Black (John Evans's images are yet to come eeee). 

Unfortunately, due to the amount of images i have had to narrow it down to the most crazy!

John Evans, casually cleaning the swimming pool with a shoe on his head:

A jellyfish, that i threw back into the sea :)

Don't do it Elle!!

Elle black and I talking about our nipples....AGAIN

Myself shooting John outside the gothic Tower

Hope they put a smile of your face, because they sure as cheese make me cringe!

Over and out

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Secret locations: B&W

Phew! Almost at the end of my blogging marathon, granted it's only been 5 blogs today but they don't half take the clicking power out of you.  This is the final sent from the trip to Mijas, well the final sent shot by Gregory brown, as i still have all of John Evans to show you yet :)

All of these were taken on carefully scouted out locations by Greg and John, and they were fabulous! The villa was stunning, and absolutely amazing to shoot in let alone stay there,  however, the boys really did excel themselves when it came to finding somewhere fabulous for us to get naked.  

Over and out