Wednesday, 12 December 2012


Wow! It's absolutely freezing today and even though there is apparently not enough money in the world to get my little brother to scrape the ice off my car, i have been bouncing up and down about the two blog posts i have for you today!

This blog will contain two sets of images from two of my most valued photographers, Jakub and Martyn who owns Eye for an Image studios.  The first set is about the beautiful handmade bra and necklace by Martyn's very talented wife Kaye. These were shot at Eye for an Image when we had a spot of time after the studio day, and because i didn't know which one to pick for my portfolio i thought i'd let you guys choose:

The next two shots were done a couple of months ago by Jakub, they are part of a film series we were trying out however these were done with digital, hope you like:

Over and out

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