Thursday, 13 December 2012

Being silly is necessary

These photos were about to be lost into nothingness, but fortunately i have a computer geek who managed to save all my document *applause*  
They are a series of images taken between shots in Mijas with Gregory Brown & Elle Black (John Evans's images are yet to come eeee). 

Unfortunately, due to the amount of images i have had to narrow it down to the most crazy!

John Evans, casually cleaning the swimming pool with a shoe on his head:

A jellyfish, that i threw back into the sea :)

Don't do it Elle!!

Elle black and I talking about our nipples....AGAIN

Myself shooting John outside the gothic Tower

Hope they put a smile of your face, because they sure as cheese make me cringe!

Over and out


  1. hahahahahaha


    Amazeballs! ;) x

  2. After the last 5 days in bed with a virus, they certainly put a smile on my face..... looks like you have been very busy lately.

    Onwards and upwards and all that..... moving with some big movers and shakers on Planet Photography now, I see!!!