Friday, 28 June 2013

A wonderful day in, wait? Chesterfield?

Yes, it's true..i was in Chesterfield for a shoot recently and it was wonderful! Granted, it probably helps that the place i was shooting in was very cosy, and lovely and warm :)

To book a shoot with Riccardo is definitely something i recommend, the shoot was so relaxed and coffee fueled.  We got through so many different sets despite chatting for most of the time!

We ended up choosing so many images from the day that i had to be really hard on myself to break it down to a reasonable number of images to edit, especially because it was a paid booking - i'm a very lucky girl sometimes :)

Here is what i managed to bring it down to, so i hope each and every one of you find at least a few pleasing to the eye:

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Friday, 21 June 2013

Andrea Billard Lingerie Collection

Not long ago i was lucky enough to work with James Brown, and lingerie designer Andrea Billard.  Andrea makes some seriously stunning lingerie, which has also been featured on Britain's next top model - so i felt pretty lucky to be the model featured in some of her newest sets.

The shoot consisted of me lounging in a beautiful hotel room in stunning lingerie, mostly made from silk.  It's not a bad life, eh?

The main website for Andrea Billard Lingerie is here :

You will also see me modelling the garments on other sites such as &

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