Sunday, 16 June 2013

Mr Carter

Well well well, i honestly don't know where to start! Rob and i have been shooting together for a couple of years now and have grown to be more like friends than colleagues in the photography world, despite him living all the way over in Liverpool Wirral, he has supported me through my non smoking quest (hich i have completed woohoo) and been there for when i've needed to rant about certain life issues both photography and non photography related...and sure as anything i get to hear about his problems too which is always entertaining! 

Last month (or so, all the dates seem to merge these days) i got the chance to work with Rachelle Summers as well as Rob and we had a lot of fun! Between talking, drinking coffee, messing about with olives and oil... and also taking my all important instax photos we did actually manage to get some shooting done, Rob was glad to discover.

Rachelle is one of the nicest models i've worked with, she is an excellent model with great skills and flexibility so the shoot was pretty amazing - plus she is absolutely stunning.  Ideas flying all over the room with free rein for us all to collaborate i think we made a pretty damn good team!

Hope you like the shots:

Plus, the professional shots ;)

& the behind the scenes

Over & out

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