Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Fleur du Bonheur

Firstly, ever so sorry for stealing Ched53's blog post name - knowing me i'd say something like 'a bunch of flowers and fits of giggles' or something equally as cringe worthy so i thought it was about time i had a sophisticated blog title :)

You can see Ched53's blog here.

This day was easily the most fun I've ever had one a shoot! Shahena, the Make up and hair artist was hilarious, we got along so well and i am seriously hoping we get the chance to work together again.  Her make up skills are incredible and nothing was too much effort or took too long.

I have worked with Aaron a few times over the last two years and it just gets better.  Aaron is one of those guys that you could have a full days shoot with, then just want to hang out. He's so down to earth, really skilled with a camera and full of wonderful ideas i was bursting to try out. 

I strongly recommended both of these guys to anyone.
Here are some images from the set :)

Some behind the scenes, i think i already feature but oh well!

Over & Out

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