Monday, 26 November 2012

Instax in Mijas

The first trip my instax camera went on was all the way over to Mijas, Spain with Gregory Brown, Elle Black and John Evans.  The trip itself was amazing, the locations we got to work with were far better than I had imagined and I will soon post some professional pictures of the trip.  You can, of course, check out all the Facebook friendly ones over here but I thought it would be better to give the nudey ones a special blog post:

I will have to explain the following image, otherwise it's a bit too much of a random picture for you all! We're all sat down for dinner and get onto the subject of nipple size, trust me this was probably a tame conversation in comparison to the others, anyway, Elle managed to fit TWELVE CDs onto one nipple! I managed a measly one, and probably a two on a cold day so Elle definitely got the great nipple length on her side, get ready for a Guinness Book of Records record.

Over and out

Friday, 16 November 2012


Okay so I lied in my previous blog about not writing another until I get back from Spain, but I find myself eager to tell you how all the Zippo lighters are getting on.  Tony Read and I have sold over 20 of them, including some huge prints to the following countries:

UK, USA, Ukrainian, Russia, Spain, Indonesia, France & Japan

So, it’s very much exciting times right now, and even more so that there will be ANOTHER Zippo released in the New Year, but first don’t forget to get your very own collectable as a wonderful gift to yourself, or a charming gift to another just in time for Christmas.  They are currently being sold on Ebay and Amazon, so whichever works for you, check out the pictures and go online here to pick a picture which can be signed upon request :) 

These Zippos are 100% genuine, I have no. 50 at home so get involved & join in with the collecting!

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Thursday, 15 November 2012

A selection of shadows and reflections

Hello fellow fans,

This may be my last blog FOREVER, only joking but for over a week as I am lucky enough to shoot in Spain from Sunday woohoo. Fear not as thanks to some good advice from the super talented and fabulously hilarious Adam Robertson I shall be getting an Instax camera to snap happily away at all the pretty scenes and scenarios, so be prepared for some seriously fun pictures coming up!
Until then, I have stacked up a few images from different photographers I thought you might like a sneaky peek at and let me know your thoughts.
The first batch is from one of my favourite photographers, Britalicus:



Then we have some moody ones from the delightful Mark:

These were taken my Phil Spinks at one of Marks workshops (where I get to eat haribo till my heart’s content)

Lastly, I have some from Straker with me longingly looking over at the KFC across the road

Over and out

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Did we even do any work?

Another wonderful shoot to share from when Jules and I got together on Sunday, this time it’s a little difficult to say we actually did very much work ;) Firstly, we started off by taking photos of ourselves when the polaroids packed in:

Realising we may actually need to do something more productive, I was given a lovely wooden chair and asked to dance around in my tutu, such joys!

Then we had a pastry break, my favourite part of the shoot, especially because I can never bloody find the pastries when shopping myself- need to put an order in next time, Jules! After our pastry break I had a quick chill out with a fag and a nipple out, naturally:

Then, I jumped into the bath before I waddled off home, piece of cake!

To be honest, I may have had an absolute breeze through the shoot but a massive thanks to Jules for his hospitality, food, endless tea and fabulous editing J

I must add, Solarixx did some absolutely fabulous artsy edits from some of the images I’ve shot with Jules, hope you like them:

Over and out