Friday, 16 November 2012


Okay so I lied in my previous blog about not writing another until I get back from Spain, but I find myself eager to tell you how all the Zippo lighters are getting on.  Tony Read and I have sold over 20 of them, including some huge prints to the following countries:

UK, USA, Ukrainian, Russia, Spain, Indonesia, France & Japan

So, it’s very much exciting times right now, and even more so that there will be ANOTHER Zippo released in the New Year, but first don’t forget to get your very own collectable as a wonderful gift to yourself, or a charming gift to another just in time for Christmas.  They are currently being sold on Ebay and Amazon, so whichever works for you, check out the pictures and go online here to pick a picture which can be signed upon request :) 

These Zippos are 100% genuine, I have no. 50 at home so get involved & join in with the collecting!

Over and out

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