Thursday, 15 November 2012

A selection of shadows and reflections

Hello fellow fans,

This may be my last blog FOREVER, only joking but for over a week as I am lucky enough to shoot in Spain from Sunday woohoo. Fear not as thanks to some good advice from the super talented and fabulously hilarious Adam Robertson I shall be getting an Instax camera to snap happily away at all the pretty scenes and scenarios, so be prepared for some seriously fun pictures coming up!
Until then, I have stacked up a few images from different photographers I thought you might like a sneaky peek at and let me know your thoughts.
The first batch is from one of my favourite photographers, Britalicus:



Then we have some moody ones from the delightful Mark:

These were taken my Phil Spinks at one of Marks workshops (where I get to eat haribo till my heart’s content)

Lastly, I have some from Straker with me longingly looking over at the KFC across the road

Over and out

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