Thursday, 8 November 2012

Film, pups & some lacy fun!

Realising I am leaving my blog a little redundant I thought a picture (or two) might help explain why, and this is our new 14 weeks old pup called Freddie the second image was taken today as he had his first day in the office.  I have noticed over the past week the whole family have started talking in baby natter, heres my scmickly ickle woverly puppy wuppy:

Now that I hope you understand why my blog is feeling a little empty, I hope to fill your socks with this bundle of images by Zero Eight, taken with his film camera at Hallam Mill Studio:

& as a final part of my two part apology I have some funky lace and sheer madness created with Johnny Boy, as well as a much needed and very much over due behind the scenes crazy pot picture:

Over and out

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