Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Did we even do any work?

Another wonderful shoot to share from when Jules and I got together on Sunday, this time it’s a little difficult to say we actually did very much work ;) Firstly, we started off by taking photos of ourselves when the polaroids packed in:

Realising we may actually need to do something more productive, I was given a lovely wooden chair and asked to dance around in my tutu, such joys!

Then we had a pastry break, my favourite part of the shoot, especially because I can never bloody find the pastries when shopping myself- need to put an order in next time, Jules! After our pastry break I had a quick chill out with a fag and a nipple out, naturally:

Then, I jumped into the bath before I waddled off home, piece of cake!

To be honest, I may have had an absolute breeze through the shoot but a massive thanks to Jules for his hospitality, food, endless tea and fabulous editing J

I must add, Solarixx did some absolutely fabulous artsy edits from some of the images I’ve shot with Jules, hope you like them:

Over and out

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