Saturday, 17 December 2011

Lazaat Hotel, Cottingham

Thursday was my first taste of snow this year, driving on the motorway I get a message from John warning me to drive carefully- I hadn’t actually reached any bad weather yet so I thought nothing of it and carried on in my blissful ignorance.
Then I hit Beverley: snow on the roads, slow drivers, a burnt out car and brakes that are just crunching. Only then did I take John’s message seriously and started to slow down.
The following image was taken when I was practically crawling along the snow, promise J

Luckily, I had set off in plenty of time anyway and arrived more or less on time, had a coffee before sitting down with the wonderful MUA, and lovely lady, Natalie Greenwell.
When I was all dolled up we went straight into shooting.  Today was a one on one session with John Denton and Julie Fraser.  Julie was a pleasure to work with, she has a fantastic sense of humour and the whole day was incredibly enjoyable.

Big thanks to Lazaat hotel for letting me prance around in my underwear!

Here are a few images John managed to capture between tutoring Julie:

Over and out

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