Friday, 9 August 2013

Stepping down from my tiptoes

I have been wondering when exactly i should share the news, and i think leaving it until now was the best way.  After September i will no longer be modelling, apart from very rare weekends but that isn't a definite just yet, i have thought about moving forward and starting a new chapter in my life..

Throughout September i will be pimping out pretty much all of the dates i have left, and i am also open to doing a lot of travelling with the hope that i will be able to get more work your area (ie, a mini tour).
The good news is that i have been unsure about booking a  lot of modelling in September as i didn't have a clear idea on my future plans, whereas now i know it means i can offer a lot of dates throughout September - but PLEASE check where i am located before emailing.

I will be not offering part paid/ part TF, discounted rates or any form of TFP.
My rates are as follows:

£40ph, £110 3 hours, £150 4 hours £200 6 hours, £250 8 hours

29th/30th August - I will be travelling down to Winchester so any bookings along the way (from Retford)
2nd/3rd September - Winchester, bookings within a 40/50 mile radius
9th-13th September - Winchester/Basingstoke and areas within 40/50 miles
16th September - Winchester
17th-18th September - Oxford
19th-22nd September - Nottinghamshire/Peterborough/Derbyshire/Lincolnshire & 40 mile radius

If you would like to enquire about any early October dates and/or weekends in the future please email

Please ensure that emails provide the following:
-Links to your online portfolios, or websites and references

& just because i've given you a bit of bad are some yummy head shots by Dan Thomas Photography which are being used for the British Hair Awards:

Over & out

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  1. Wow, such news! Well of course it's a bit disappointing to see such a talent leave the scene, but I wish you much success in your future ventures!