Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Denton Photography

Before getting on with the adventures of this weekend I think I better introduce John and Liz Denton to my blog with their very own page!

Working alongside John is definitely a day to look forward to, what with big bear hugs and bowls full of coffee throughout the day! He is without a doubt one of my favourite photographers and I would recommend him to anyone.  The training days I do for Denton Photography are fun packed and a great learning experience for not only the photographers, but also for me- the other week I learnt that even the most professional photographers forget to take their lens cap off!

With the test shots getting crazier and the art images getting better I can safely say that Denton Photography and I will be producing more excellent work in the near future!

They’re not only wonderful people, excellent photographers but also my dear friends and I love them to pieces!

Here is some work by John and I over the last few months:

I know this one may not be everyone’ cup of tea but I think it’s wicked!

Some images produced by Liz and I over the last few months:

Over and out

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  1. Love working with you Camilla, a great talent, great professional attitude to work and quite a looker too x