Monday, 27 August 2012

First shoot with Raphy

This is probably one of a few blogs to show off the images Britalicus, Raphella and I created at the end of last week.  I stayed to shoot with Britalicus for a couple of days and had the most amazing time! I was welcomed into his home and quite literally waited on hand and foot, his wife is absolutely wonderful to speak with and her cooking is a serious taste sensation!! I’m quite likely to hop on the train just for dinner at some point.

Anyway, whilst I was there we did create some wonderful images thanks to Nicks fabulous ideas, Raphaella came and joined us for a day on the Friday and the time literally leapt out of our hands. It was so wonderful to get to work with Raph she was a very lovely and talented lady! I most certainly hope our paths cross again and I am given the opportunity to create some more magic.
Here is the first batch :

I am extremely proud of these images and will keep you attentive readers well up to date with any more I get J
Over and out

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