Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Lots of tea, and lots of laughs

A week or so ago I had a shoot with Doodyone, which I was very much looking forward to and i wasn't disappointed.  The shoot was totally relaxed and despite Peter having had a hectic weekend we still got through some pretty amazing sets!

Doodyone has lots of wonderful ideas, and a great eye for detail.  The shoot itself was such a  laugh, plenty of tea breaks to refresh our minds for the next set, and I was very excited when I saw the images we captured on the back of the camera.  Hopefully, you guys will like them too!
I definitely recommend Doodyone to anybody, he’s a total gentleman, a great sense of humour and I will be looking forward to crossing paths with him again.
Here is a bundle of images I love:

Of course, some behind the scenes:

Over and out

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