Thursday, 2 August 2012

Steve Plant & Auburn Rose

Last week Rachel, Auburn rose, and I finally managed to get together for a shoot with Steve Plant. Even though Rachel has been through an extremely difficult time recently, I was so grateful that she managed to go ahead with the shoot and still model to her high standard.  It was such a lovely evening, and after an ice-cream and the niceties I am pleased to say the shoot was a total success.  I think this shines not just through the behind the scenes, but in all of the photos we took that evening.

I would just like to thank Steve for organising this shoot, and for Rachel’s professionalism through an extremely difficult time in her life.  Rachel and I have both been friends with Steve for quite some time (pretty much since I started modelling) and it’d like to think all three of us will have plenty more shoots to come.
Here are a handful of images I think are great:

These are the outtakes which I love!!! :

Over and out

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  1. Amazing and beautiful as always. Gorgeous as ever and always a fan. Xxx