Monday, 30 July 2012

A different kind of chaperone

This shoot would total the amount to FIVE with Steve Plant (6th shoot images with Auburn rose to follow). As always the shoot was great, having worked with Steve many times I instantly felt comfortable and the shoot had been very well planned regarding locations.  I think I’ve only ever worked indoors with Steve once, and that was for an hour – it’s quite clear his speciality is natural models within nature, and he does not give himself enough credit.

This time we had a little friend come a long with us called Mickey.  Mickey is a rescue dog adopted by Steve about a couple months ago now, this shoot was the first time I had met him and he is quite timid at first, but soon got involved with the shoot:

Steve and his family are the perfect people to adopt a rescue animal. The other week when we were shooting I could already notice a huge improvement with Mickey! I hope Steve always brings him along to shoots and if you plan to shoot with Steve make sure you ask, he is really no trouble (and Mickey is well behaved too!)

Here are some images created by Steve and I:

Finally, of course, we have some outtakes:

Over and out

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