Wednesday, 25 July 2012


I had been looking forward to shooting with Sara ever since I applied for the casting; I don’t have many beauty shots so all my fingers and toes were crossed that I’d get the job!

Working with Sara, and the incredible Clare, was just a dream come true.  The shoot flowed (as well as the many snacks brought by Sara) and after introductions were made, mainly for my benefit as Sara and Clare seem to be an extremely capable team, we all got on like a house on fire.  I am absolutely thrilled to be doing all four seasons, and jumped for joy when I received the offer (well, there was definitely a gasp as I remember going through customs in Mallorca and telling my friend excitedly)
Sara is an extremely capable photographer. Her skill set appears to be unlimited as she breezed through different set ups, reaching incredible results from the back of the camera.  I am overjoyed we will have more magic to create together.  I was incredibly impressed with the professional attitude, even more so by wonderful communications, clear ideas and bloody brilliant results. I most definitely recommend Sara.
Clare, AKA Harry Jon, is one of the most talented MUAs I have ever come across, from hair to make-up I can’t even begin to imagine where her limitations are.  After having two bits of wig on my hair I definitely did wonder bat the flipping ‘eck I was going to look like, but when you see what is achieved I am absolutely certain you will agree that this Lady’s work is astonishing.  If you have an idea (and quite literally no matter how extreme) then book Harry Jon ,  you will not be disappointed. 
Here are a few images, more to come:

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  1. Absolute pleasure working with you. You are too a very talented lady... Look forward to hte next one!