Thursday, 30 August 2012

Pampered Saturday morning

A few weeks ago I had a shoot with Gary Price, which usually means one thing – being pampered for a couple of hours in Arman’s salon by his Armanettes.  If there is one thing I love it is being totally restyled, as I don’t often wear a lot of make- up and it’s sometimes nice to have a rock chick look. I might add it’s also better when I don’t have to do it myself too, because I’ll look more like a beaten boxer than rock chick!

Gary and I have had three shoots together now, and I love working with him; from his great ideas, to his funny ‘shoot-mode’ comments down to his editing.  He’s such a great guy, and very talented photographer.
Anyway we had an hour on our own where the theme baddass, the room was pretty much dilapidated and it had a great eerie feel to it, you honestly wouldn’t believe it was just an unused lonely room and by god did it have some action that day!  Later on my very good friend, and exception model, James Rutherford joined us for some couple shots.
James is a really lovely, down to earth guy.  We have a great working relationship and I almost want to mention all the little names we fondly give each other but they’re less work safe than most of my images! I definitely recommend him for any shoot you have in mind, he keeps himself pretty trim too (I’m sure you can tell after a quick perv on the beaut images below):

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