Thursday, 28 February 2013


I knew I'd make up for the lack of blogging recently,  as I troll through my back log of images I seem to have already accumulated before it's March!
The following set were shot with Photographer no 37, who I like to shoot with a lot - and we don't half get up to some creative stuff.

I would like to quickly mention that i seem to recall a promise of home made cakes, that never appeared on the last shoot ;) I haven't forgotten!!

These head shots were shot within the last 10 minutes we had left at the end of our day, we used natural light, and one of my black skirts as a hat and general prop.  I must admit that I have since eaten my words after skeptically looking at Gavin once he mentioned the idea...

Hope you like! & don't forget you can click on them to make them bigger!

Over & out

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