Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Blustery wind in Scotland...

...but it didn't matter because I was all cosy at Pavillion Studio :)

After discussing a Model Day at Barrie Spence's studio, we ended up selling out pretty quickly and so we added an extra day, though this did mean Barrie and his delightful wife had to put up with me for a few nights.  The studio days really were amazing, all the photographers were friendly, considerate and very keen which is so nice.  
It's also great when you fight the icy winds to get to the studio door, and as soon as you're in you're cuddled by the central heating - yes- a warm studio! There really is nothing more exiting than walking into a warm studio when you know you're spending the next day there.  It's the small things...

Anyway, onto the nipples.  Most of the following pictures, courtesy of Barrie, were taken only to test the lights, so this means literally a snap or two:

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Over and out 

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