Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Walls, lace & shadows

Good afternoon,

We're having a particularly odd weather day today, with it snowing heavily one moment, then bright sunshine the next all afternoon!
Anyway, here are some shots from earlier in the year with Engaging Portraits, shot in a lovely spacious studio in Ascot, playing around with the light and shadows.


& thought I might also add in some more to the chain series, but these are a little more passionate:


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Friday, 22 March 2013

Little bit commercial

Last month i had a shoot with the lovely Sally Robinson over at Streamline fitness, Bradford, to advertise a new tanning bed, and new products.  The shoot was so much fun, we got  a lot done pretty quickly, I might add that trying to get hold of some crisps is a nightmare in a gym!!

I have worked with Sally before where we advertised fitness equipment, and was delighted to find out the client wanted to use me again.  I also owe a big thanks to my lovely friend Kimberley, who has recently got back into modelling, for spraying me with the even glow of fake tan, which I had to scrub excessively to get it all off in time for my nudey shoots.

Hope you enjoy my cheesy smiles!


Over and out

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Back scapes

It's been a  bloody awful week suffering from this Norovirus, which seems to have been doing its rounds all over the UK.  However, after being bed bound for about a week now i can finally say i feel totally back in good health and ready to blog some images from The Photographer No 37.

These little numbers were part of a series about the bend and shapes created in the back, i think they're lovely!

Over and out

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Some updates, travel, images & St David's special

Good morning, 

I am well and truly catching up with my blogging backlog! Hope we're all having a good week, we're half way through woohoo!!

Today i have some cool little treats for you - i am planning a few little trips so have the odd date available in areas i don't visit very often:

March 27th - York/ Leeds/ Harrogate 
March 28th - Cheltenham/ Gloucester/ Bristol

Still taking bookings as normal for other dates, keep in mind i travel by car and with enough notice I can come over to you and book more work in that area to share expenses :) contact with all the deets.

I worked with Sara a week or so ago, and as well has having some fun with sand (see below) we also thought a St David's day special edition (only available throughout March) image would be a good idea.  There are only 100 of these going, and i am lead to believe they're selling pretty quickly   So, if you would like to grab hold of a beautiful daffodil gleaming next to my implied nude body then reach over to the link and grab one!

Here is a low res preview, they're selling at the bargain price of £25!!

& now i have some more shots from Ascot with the lovely John, but instead of a chain the prop was a chair! Hope you enjoy:

Oh, and a couple of between sets, of course!

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Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Chaining around

Hello :)

The next set of images i have for you were taken over in Ascot with John.  As we arrived on set we had already discussed what we wanted to shoot and the chain was in quite a lot of our ideas - so it was a bit unfortunate that dear John forgot the chain, and had to send it over in a  taxi - which was at a much higher cost than the actual value of the chain.

However, after checking out some of the images, I most definitely think it was worth getting it over to the studio. 

Hope you like them :)

Over & Out

Monday, 4 March 2013

Cutting some shapes, & some voyeuristic

Good Morning,

I hope you're Monday has started out to be as successful as mine as i plod away catching up with emails and now begin to write you a lovely blog.  I have spent the past few days down in Milton Keynes shooting with some fabulously joyful photographers, one of which has already sent some pictures through.

I worked with Mark on Saturday morning, and despite the fact i had only two hours booked with him we didn't half get through some amazing sets.  We started off with some natural light voyeuristic style shots in the bedroom, then moved downstairs to where he had set up a background and awesome lighting for some simple shapes.

Hope you enjoy them:


Over & Out