Monday, 26 March 2012

Great shoot with Gary Price

Finally managing to pin a date, Gary and I got together for a shoot.  After seeing a lot of Gary’s work I was extremely excited to work with him, and even though it was last minute planning I spent the whole TWO HOUR journey buzzing with energy.

Sitting in Arman Milins’s salon being totally pampered by Neelam, whilst a warm breeze filled the salon room I could already tell that today was going to be a good day.  It literally flew by as we were getting set after set completed.  Gary was great to work with, has fabulous ideas and is a very easy to get along with guy- it also helps he has a great sense of humour!
I can safely say I was shattered after the day was done, and had a few aches the next morning but after seeing the results I knew it was worth it.

Already making further plans to work with Gary, and hope that there are plenty more opportunities.

Here are a few of the images:

Here are a couple of outtakes

Over and out

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