Monday, 21 May 2012

Edinburgh with Britalicus

I had being looking forward to shooting with Britalicus for months and as soon as I did the two days went far too quickly! I had such an amazing time and after previewing some of the pictures before I left I have to say I am more than excited to receive them all!

Nick was so welcoming and I can see why he has such a pristine reputation.  I felt totally at home, everything was prepared for my stay and the food was delicious! I am certain we will be working together again, and I can’t wait already.

We were hoping to do some nudes outside, depending on the weather.  Unfortunately throughout my whole stay it was raining and dull, until of course I was just leaving only then did the sun grace us with its presence as it was too late- typical!

Here are a few images from the couple of days progress, with plenty more to come in due course:

Over and out

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