Sunday, 10 June 2012

A sunny day update

After spending the day in the glorious sunshine on location in company of the fabulous Mick, (images to follow) it was a lovely surprise to come home and receive some more images from Britalicus (which I must admit made the generous bar of chocolate by my side taste 50% better)

Looking at the images sent through I had totally forgotten the amount of work we both did in the couple of days available. Here are a few more corkers that I have fallen in love with instantaneously:

Early last week I had some news from Jo Cools, a photographer I shot with back in Holland, about some of the lightpainting we did together.  I am pleased to announce that a couple of these images are currently hanging up in an exhibition:

 Finally, to add some colour to my blog don’t forget that the Zippo lighters are still on sale!! Grab ‘em whilst you can folks!

 Over and out

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