Thursday, 23 May 2013

I do not recommend this photographer.

*All quotes are directly from messages, which i am able to provide in full upon request*

Last year i put my trust into a photographer who was very new to the industry, our first shoot was fine in a nice studio up in the North East.  Of course, it's always flattering when a photographer asks you back to shoot again and seeing as the first shoot was pleasant i agreed. 

The second shoot was a little more odd.  the photographer mentioned a few times that he wasn't happy that the studio owner could see me nude, and requested that i wear his coat (not an item of my own from my huge suitcase) to cover myself up - which i flatly refused, mentioned that firstly the studio owner is in a separate part of the studio, i was completely comfortable being nude and the studio owner has in fact, already seen my work.  The photographer wasn't particularly happy, but he moved on and only mumbled the odd comment once or twice after.  When the shoot ended he thrust a bottle of red wine into my bag, he said it was a thank you gift, but it was very clear how secretive he wanted to be.

Having not had a particularly bad experience, despite noticing he's clearly a little odd, we began to organise the third shoot.  Normally when organising shoots, especially with photographers i have worked with before, it's very easy to send a few emails back and forth regarding ideas and then get in touch closer to the date to confirm.  This photographer started to text, facebook email and aol email me at least twice a day.  I didn't have time to respond to his emails, which were meaningless including emails to my Facebook saying 'Have a good one today pet, wherever you are off too! :) :) :)', but after getting an abundance of messages i finally told him to chill out with the communication - and he did.  Only to my horror did i find out he had diverted his attention toward my family members.

My Dad received messages asking for personal information, and my future trips "...I am hoping to give her a couple of nice surprises, so obviously don't want her to know about them till on the day. so I hope you can help and keep this in confidence?", and "Secondly, she has mentioned she is going to Africa soon for a holiday? I intend to send her a card and gift before she goes and was hoping you could tell me the last week she is at work so it doesn't arrive when she has gone, for obvious reasons." Despite getting no reply from my Dad, even after a Facebook 'poke', he still sent 'presents' to his place of work, i received bunches of flowers, teddies, big packs of crisps and cards.

My brother was contacted and directly asked what my bad habits were, information about my Dad's company, favourite foods to 'surprise' me with.  My brother was a little more unaware as this photographer managed to creep his way into a conversation and reading back over it now make me sick to my stomach.  How this photographer did not grasp his downright improper questioning about my private life?

After i found out my immediate reaction was to email the photographer and tell him that he has crossed a line, that any industry would see this as inappropriate and that i no longer felt comfortable shooting with him.  Between this message he contacted my brother, again, to justify himself at which point i sent him a further email explain how inappropriate his behaviour is, i also threatened that if any of my family, or i, were to hear from him again i would leave negative references on his online portfolios.

He did start to email me apologising, and w week later an edited image from our shoot, and even an email to ask if i'd had a 'change of heart'. I ignored all these.

This year he started to leave comments on my blog, on an online portfolio and he even had the cheek to tag me in his images.  I sent him an email to tell him to untag me from the photos, and that due to all continuous methods to get in touch i will be leaving negative comments on his feedback.. He told me that he had 'moved on many moons ago'.

I left negative feedback, and in spite he returned it - after explaining the situation his feedback was removed, and rightly so mine was left on his portfolio.

I do not recommend this man, my whole experiences with him has been stressful.

This photographer is Wq0pco or Richard/Peter Coles on Facebook and he is based in Sunderland.


  1. My god this guy sounds like a "stalker"..

    Very very unprofessional indeed.

    Lets hope other models take notes about his behaviour and decide working with him is not worth the issues, imagine contacting your family members. Completely wrong!

    Well done you for sharing your experience.


  2. Yikes... and fair dues for being so open about it. So/Too many people are afraid to speak out

  3. I do hope you fed this back to the studio owner as well. He probably wouldn't be happy knowing this was happening.

  4. Wow, just wow. Doesn't this guy have a modelling site port?

    1. Yes: