Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Weekender! *image heavy*

Oh well hello there,

I do apologise for the recent short-lived (thankfully) abandonment of this wonderful blog but I have been a very busy lady! As some of you know, I am now in full time employment - and loving it! However, this does mean that my studio prancing has been pushed and squeezed into weekends only.

I happen to travel all over the South, so there may still be an opportunity for me to work Saturday/Sunday when I'm in your area, areas such as Cromwell, Cardiff, Winchester, Isle of Wight, Kent, Basingstoke - all the crevices! Anyway, so the new plan is to push some bookings to save towards the new house I am planning to get! It's all very exciting! Other than the South, I am based in Lincoln and will travel for shoots in surrounding areas (anything further and expenses will need to be covered/split - the latter depending on booking duration)

Anyway, i have a back log of images to show your hopefully eager eyes.  This first batch was actually recently shot by Chris Lloyd at Eye for an image studios.  Chris and I have shoot together a lot over the duration of my modelling career and i absolutely love seeing our results.  it's amazing to think that nearly every single shot he has taken, has been int he one studio - Eye for an image - yet we constantly get such varied results! I am a big fan of Chris's work, and very much consider him a friends - if you're ever given the opportunity to become part of his portfolio i highly recommend taken advantage of the offer!!

Anyway, i will stop rambling -for now- and share the images..

Enquiries to or via PP (Camilla-Rose Helley). If you email please provide your concept, portfolio link or two models available for references (if you do not have an online portfolio).

Over & Out

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  1. Stunning, lovely photos. How about some on your new car :-)